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We offer MacBook pro and MacBook Air Repair Service in Bangladesh. Our Expert Engineers can fix your MacBook issues.

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MacBook Service

MacBook Service

These are some common issues that can occur with a MacBook. Some of these issues can be caused by hardware malfunctions, while others may be caused by software or firmware problems.

  • Erratic Trackpad or Mouse Movement
  • No display backlight, screen flickering or other screen issues
  • Flashing power LED or audio alert.
  • Mac not charging and not powering up
  • Install the latest macOS update
  • No internet connection
  • Reset SMC, NVRAM, and PRAM
  • Erase and restore your Mac

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MacBook Repair Service in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a trusted MacBook Repair Service in Bangladesh, Star Tech is your go to destination for reliable service for your valuable MacBook. We have a team of Apple-certified technicians with a deep understanding of Apple's technology. You can rest assured that your MacBook receives the finest care and attention it deserves.

Star Tech MacBook repair services are equipped to diagnose and address all the issues, ensuring that your Apple laptop continues to operate reliably and efficiently. Are you facing issues like reduced performance, startup problems, overheating, connectivity issues, and hardware problems, including screen, keyboard, and battery problems? Bring your MacBook to our service center, and our expert technicians will take care of your device. Star Tech offers the best quality and cost effective MacBook Repair Service in Bangladesh.